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6.9 Statistics and Machine Learning


Getting Started

  • Start Julia REPL (Read/Evaluate/Print/Loop) by typing the following in Terminal or PowerShell:

$ julia
  • Go into REPL mode for Pkg, Julia’s built in package manager, by pressing ‘]’:

julia> ]
(@v1.4) pkg>
  • Update package repository in Pkg REPL

(@v1.4) pkg> update)
  • Add packages in Pkg REPL

(@v1.4) pkg> add CSV
(@v1.4) pkg> add DataFrames
(@v1.4) pkg> add Distributions
(@v1.4) pkg> add HypothesisTests
  • Get back to the Julia REPL and exit by pressing backspace or ^C

(@v1.4) pkg>
julia> using CSV
julia> using DataFrames
julia> using Distributions
julia> using HypothesisTests
julia> exit()